Promoting inclusive growth and a responsible use of resources to help people and planet thrive

Accelerating innovation in agriculture for farmers, consumers & the planet

Building the most sustainable food and raw materials supply chains in the world




FLOGMA BIC is a science-based agtech integrated company with a robust network of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships. 

We strive to transform agriculture through tailor-made solutions for the benefit of farmers, society and our planet. Our offering enables all size farmers and companies to address a wide range of challenges, including crop productivity and health, climate change, while achieving greater sustainability and biodiversity. 

FLOGMA’s seeds, crop protection and nutrition products, agronomic solutions, project operation and digital services help to provide the world with healthy food, feed, fiber, and fuel while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.


Our Impact

For Communities

From healthy soil to better products on the market, from farmers’ incomes to fair labor practices, our work brings positive change to people’s lives.

For our Planet

We develop innovative solutions from our health and agriculture businesses, contributing significantly to sustainable development in the world.

For our Future

We are responding to the global challenges and the need to safeguard a clean supply of food and raw materials of natural origin.

Science & Innovation

Science is ingrained in every facet of FLOGMA. Our facility design, medical and plant discovery, product development, and operations are steeped in research driven by scientific methods and boosted by disruptive methodologies to foster innovation.