Breeder and Genetics

We are building the cannabis and hemp industry by creating the most reliable, premium, proprietary hemp and medicinal cannabis seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production. Our varieties have been optimized for harvesting in tropical production environments, which will improve both patient access and the sustainability of the industry itself.

We target numerous traits, including cannabinoid and terpene profiles, as well as more typical agricultural traits; yield, seed quality improvement, and disease resistance. Our goal is to create tailored varieties for each industry segment: nutraceutical, food, feed, and fiber, and to continuously improve and adapt those as the markets shift. FLOGMA is making substantial improvements to Cannabis and focused breeding practice will continue to improve productivity, yield, and sustainability.


Helping new businesses launch and established businesses grow, we’re your investing, advocacy, and mentoring partner in the cannabis industry. We help cannabis companies win licenses, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development. When it’s time to level up, we provide the catalyst.

What we offer

FLOGMA Agricultural Solutions to World Challenges

We serve producers and users of grains around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.