Sustainability is in our nature

Economic Growth and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

Today, the world is faced with the unprecedented challenge of ensuring that a growing and aging world population can lead self-determined lives and partake in progress, while at the same time ensuring that natural resources are used more sustainably than in the past. At FLOGMA, we’re convinced that value creation, whether in the short, medium or long-term, depends on successfully integrating business, social and environmental performance. 

Our Sustainability Plan puts the urgent fight against climate change and biodiversity loss at the heart of farming’s productive future and the global economic recovery. We are scaling up our sustainability efforts to meet the ever-expanding needs of global populations, and to give our customers the edge they need to navigate new consumer demands and environmental challenges. Inclusive growth means we’re providing more people with access to food security and health care, while devising solutions to environmental protection, decarbonization, climate adaptation, and biodiversity preservation.

We’re re-imagining the agroindustrial sector through our operational ability to make material impact on improving farmer livelihoods, increasing community wellbeing, and regenerating our living world.  We’ve set priorities that account for the diverse environmental, social and economic impacts of our business. Through connection and collaboration with farmers, our customers, and global and local communities, we work to ensure our food and raw material systems remain resilient.


FLOGMA is dedicated to pursuing growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our sustainability plan sits alongside our strategic priorities and represents the inextricable connection between financial performance and corporate responsibility. Our success as a business depends on meeting our commitments to our community, our planet, our employees and our customers. Where they connect is the source of sustainable growth.


Leading For a Better Future

We are making 5 ambitious global commitments to reduce agroindustrial’s carbon footprint and to help farmers deal with the extreme weather patterns caused by climate change.

Accelerate innovation for farmers and nature

Farmers large and small face increasing problems caused by the changes in our environment. The climate emergency, severe soil erosion and increasing biodiversity loss. Beyond this, they must also manage changing consumer expectations and views on agricultural technology.

We are accelerating our innovation to provide solutions to help farmers overcome these challenges, from extreme weather events to society’s changing dietary tastes, all the while benefiting our environment. When we talk about sustainable technology breakthroughs, we mean innovations that are designed to reduce agriculture’s contribution to climate change, mitigate its effect on the food and commodities supply and provide farmers with the tools they need to manage their land sustainably.

Strive for carbon neutral agriculture

Climate change is affecting both agriculture and the environment. We are committed to providing technologies, services and training to help farming and industrial production become carbon neutral as well as reducing the climate footprint of our operations in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Farmland is one of the planet's largest reservoirs of carbon and has huge potential to expand its role of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Agriculture also has the potential to reduce its current carbon footprint sustainable. Soil is the foundation of life, and also of agriculture’s contribution to tackling climate change. We work to increase soil health. We invest in developing products and services that help to store carbon in the land. We also train them in methods to mitigate the greenhouse gasses produced by agriculture, and to measure the difference they are making.

We are working to reverse the degradation of pastureland and wind erosion in the Orinoquia. This involves implementing new, sustainable rotations on degraded pastures by farming cattle, soybean, hemp and sorghum in integrated crop-livestock systems. We are encouraging farmers to participate in our programs CROPS FOR THE FUTURE and SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY, scalable offers that will help to increase the value of their land, improve productivity and reverse soil degradation.

Help people stay healthy and safe

FLOGMA is committed to a safe, healthy and fair working environment for all employees in our operations and for the farm workers across all farms we are associated with. Our products are vital to allow farmers to grow the world’s food, and they must be made, transported and used in a safe way. For this reason, we take responsibility for stewardship from the factories to the farms.

We aim to maintain the highest standards of health and safety. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring every employee understands their individual responsibilities. We empower and equip leaders to take ownership of health, safety and environment (HSE) in their areas of responsibility. And while HSE is led by leaders, it is delivered by all employees, every day. We raise awareness around safety issues in regular safety and ethics shares in our team meetings.

Offering workers fair and attractive conditions is non-negotiable. FLOGMA applies fair labor standards and labor laws throughout our operations on farms and in production plants and we expect our suppliers to do the same. We have strict contractual requirements, such as prohibiting child labor, and help suppliers meet our standards through intensive training.

Partnering to accelerate impact

FLOGMA is committed to building on our rich network of strategic sustainability partnerships with academic institutions, the value chain, agricultural businesses and farmers to increase the impact we can make together. Our partnerships have always proved productive for farmers, nature and society. We believe that no one business or organization can do enough alone and strongly support Sustainable Development Goal 17, which promotes partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society.

Our partners know us for our open and collaborative culture, and we invite like-minded organizations to join us in stepping up efforts. We are working together on business practices aimed at improving sustainability including soil health, resource efficiency and habitat protection. 

Strong corporate governance

Business ethics are extremely important and valued at FLOGMA and the tone from the top is clear and consistent on importance of governance & compliance. Corporate governance policies and procedures are in place. Our legal, finance and human resources teams deploy our compliance and governance policies to all employees and our Supplier Standards of Conduct ensures that we do business with like-minded organizations. As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to maintaining a workplace environment free from discrimination.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business, operations and standards. Therefore, the entire management is also responsible for sustainability. Operational implementation takes place in FLOGMA’s subsidiaries and along the value chain. Reviewing and revising these regulations and internal audits ensure our management systems are continuously improved and aligned to the respective requirements.


Contributing to sustainable development is a core element of FLOGMA’s corporate strategy and of our core values. FLOGMA sustainability is driven by our ambitious corporate Purpose to Re-imagine Global Agriculture, raw materials and Food Systems within our ethos of Growing Responsibly.


Fully Committed To a Sustainable Future

Our programs provide solutions, technologies, services and training to help farming and industrial production become carbon neutral through scalable offers that will help farmers and communities to increase the value of their land, improve productivity and reverse soil degradation.