Enabling farmers to get the most out of their fields while using less land and fewer resources

Despite producing roughly 80% of the food in developing countries, most have historically been unable to use or access the advanced tools and technologies that are more widely available to farmers in other parts of the world.
We are creating partnerships and collaborating with technology-based companies to support the development of digital tools that can diagnose crop pests, lend agronomic advice, or even help sell harvests at a fair market price—all within a single smartphone.

And in communities across the region, together with partners such as non-governmental and international development organizations, we’re advancing digital initiatives that will contribute to food security.
By providing these farmers and communities with access to knowledge, technology and innovation, complemented by training in good agricultural practices and environmental stewardship, we are helping to set the foundation for improved livelihoods, food security, integrated landscape management, and climate change resilience.
More specifically, GRANJAPP is a technical assistance and e-learning platform, opening access to the power of knowledge for potentially millions of smallholder farmers across the continent. GRANJAPP offers a series of modules developed by universities and FLOGMA, to enable producers to implement a sustainable model that provides socio-economic benefits, guarantees the safety and quality of production, and generates opportunities to access markets.


FLOGMA data science and innovative digital tools empower farmers through technical assistance, traceability, fair commercialization and actionable insights.

What we offer

FLOGMA Agricultural Solutions to World Challenges

We serve producers and users of grains around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.