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Seeds and Plant Breeding

Enabling Farmers to Grow Enough with Less providing  seeds to grow more vigorous, stronger, resistant plants with better yields

Naturally Improved Seeds and Plants

We are building the agricultural industry by creating the most reliable, premium, proprietary hybrid seed production seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production. Our varieties have been optimized for harvesting in tropical production environments, which will improve both market access and the sustainability of the industry itself.

We target numerous agricultural traits, including yield, seed quality improvement, and disease resistance. Our goal is to create tailored varieties for each industry segment: nutraceutical, food, feed, biomass, and fiber, and to continuously improve and adapt those as the markets shift. FLOGMA is making substantial improvements and focused breeding practice will continue to improve productivity and sustainability.

Hybrid Seed Production

The term “hybrid”, refers to a plant variety developed through a specific, controlled cross of two plants, to produce offspring that share the best characteristics of their parents. This hybridization, or the crossing of compatible varieties, happens naturally in the wild; our plant breeders basically just steer the process to control the outcome.

This more efficient selective breeding has allowed us to develop varieties that are more adaptable to tropical climates, soil and insect populations. The result is bigger yields, fewer problems and more successful harvests.
We produce seeds from hybrids that are the product of guided natural breeding, while avoiding GMOs, as they are the result of unnatural and high-tech methods used to create untested organisms that would never arise in nature.

Native Plant Seeds

Native plants are typically low maintenance and resistant to pests if planted in a place similar to their natural surroundings. They also provide food and habitat for native wildlife. Natives boost these advantages because they are adapted to their local surroundings, including the soil and climate and have mastered surviving and thriving there.

We implement perennial native plant systems, to conserve soils, increase carbon sequestration in the soil and above ground, decrease irrigation and fertilizer needs, also to increase biodiversity in response to the diversity of native plants. As the plants are native, it becomes an "eco-inclusive" system, allowing the coexistence of all types of native insects, including pollinators, and higher life forms.

What we offer

FLOGMA Agricultural Solutions to World Challenges

We serve producers and users of grains around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.