What we offer

Providing The Right Equipment, At The Right Price

We combine to purchase infrastructure, equipment and consumables at higher volume levels to create significant cost reductions, FLOGMA partner with global manufacturers to provide you the highest quality equipment for your agroindustrial venture

Sourcing Services to Help you Finding the Right Machinery and Equipment

As a component of our agroindustrial consulting services, we operate an equipment and supplies division for our subsidiaries, partners, and customers in the industry. Our experience in establishing operations in multiple states has provided us the advantages we need to advance the market for your agribusiness rapidly. We source best-in-class industry products and create proprietary, purpose-built solutions where a need exists. Our growing consulting concentrates on hardware setup for machinery, atmosphere control, water system, nourishment, bug and pathogen control, extraction, IoT and quality control.

We provide solutions for all sizes and budgets offering unmatched design freedom while still maintaining functionality, quality, and value. We reduce your capital and operational expenditures by providing low cost access to all of the equipment and supplies you need to run your business, leveraging the economies of scale that our own operation provides.

What we offer

FLOGMA Agricultural Solutions to World Challenges

We serve producers and users of grains around the globe through origination, trading, processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.