Processes developed for the production of high-quality cannabis

Optimized yields as a result of precision environmental controls

Following EU GMP standards to allow for worldwide distribution

The intersection of nature, science, technology and wellbeing

We believe in good choices. From our team to our genetics, we move with an open mind and an eye for innovation. All FLOGMA products are cultivated with sustainable practices and tended to with care.

Strain Intelligence

FLOGMA's genetic breeding and refinement cultivates novel strains, including cannabinoids, terpenes and disease-resistant strains. We develop strains according to criteria relating to soil, lighting, and nutrient base. Our R&D of these traits help expand clinical trials and product development in both the domestic and international markets.


Applying Micro-propagation, the process that uses plant tissue culture to grow larger stock, allows us to plant clean, preserve plant genetics, and standardized organic cannabis that grows equally, consistently and free of harmful bacteria that may carry from the mother plant, to ensure the best products for patients and raw material buyers.

Precision Agriculture

FLOGMA’s goal is to provide cannabis and hemp products of consistently high quality, and tell an authentic, transparent story, it will require data from every single plant, tracing it from the moment it sprouts to the moment it’s sold. Also, our AI-based technology provides pathogen early warning, improves input efficiency and reduces costs.


FLOGMA is dedicated to pursuing growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our sustainability principles sit alongside our strategic priorities and represent the inextricable connection between financial performance and corporate responsibility. Our success as a business depends on meeting our commitments to our community, our planet, our employees and our customers. Where they connect is the source of sustainable growth.

The next generation of cannabis facilities solutions by FLOGMA

We have optimized the concept of indoor and outdoor cannabis and hemp production: eco-friendly, pesticide free, meticulous care for our plants and a passion for technology, research and development. Growing certified organic cannabis is better for the community, the soil and the environment. Most importantly, it's about creating a better product.

Outdoor Facilities

Nature meets science, all supported by the ambition and talent from our team of agricultural engineers and grower masters. Growing plants while respecting the environment is an important challenge that FLOGMA has embraced as an authentic business philosophy. Relying on entirely organic elements and with the aid of most recent precision agriculture techniques, guarantees a cannabis and hemp production with a unique global quality, 100% organic, with no harmful chemicals.

Hybrid Greenhouse Facilities

Our Hybrid Greenhouse Cannabis production combine nature, technology and passion. We have designed a perfect, protected environment for our plants to grow and flourish. Our proprietary cannabis cultivation facilities are designed to harness the power of the sun with a focus on greenhouses. But not just any old greenhouses. These are state-of-the-art high-tech hybrid greenhouses. They were developed based on best-practices from around the world to sustain optimal conditions at scale in extreme climates. The result is indoor quality for outdoor prices at a large scale.


We implement cultivation best practices that optimize space, maximize yield and deliver consistent quality end product. FLOGMA in combining top genetics well-adapted to different environments with hybrid greenhouses and outdoor facilities that use a technology-oriented and data-driven growing approach.


FLOGMA, is a company that aims to become the largest producer of cannabis and hemp medicinal oil worldwide, thanks to our growth strategy, as well as making use of the best technology and innovation in our research processes, cultivation, production and marketing.